John Baumgartner: Watch how senators vote on impeachment

Letter writer says when the impeachment question comes before the Senate, watch how each senator votes; it will be revealing.

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President Trump has a long history of outlandish behavior for a president. He berates his enemies viciously. He seeks to rile and divide the populace. He has lied over 10,000 times since becoming president. His administration suffers constantly from appointees leaving or being forced to leave the White House.

I could go on, but my point is that he acts like a vicious dictator, not the president of a democracy. None of those things, however, warrant impeachment.

They simply telegraph the actions of an extremely narcissistic con man.

The United States functions well under the rule of law. When the president blatantly breaks the law regarding seeking foreign assistance in an upcoming election, it is a serious offense. When the president again breaks the law by stonewalling Congress’ constitutional oversight duties, it is a serious offense.

This disregard for the law can easily be considered an impeachable offense.


When the House conducts an inquiry of impeachment, their duty is to verify the facts regarding the issues involved. When professional diplomats and others come forward, despite threats from the White House that endanger their careers, it means something is terribly wrong.

So far, we are told that none of the testimony of these professionals contradicts the case made by the initial whistleblower. The process of verifying the facts is still underway. Once the House completes this process, a vote to impeach the president will likely occur.

If that vote is to impeach, then the Senate must try the case. At this point the president will have the opportunity to testify and make his case in defense of his actions. If he cannot overcome documented violations of the law, the Senate should take a vote to remove him.

Here is where politics come into play. If a senator votes against removal, in spite of documented violations of law, that senator should be shamed for abusing the rule of law and not be re-elected. In a situation like this, voting country before party is the only patriotic option. Watch what the Senate does. It should be very revealing. Remember each senator’s vote the next time they are up for re-election.

John Baumgartner


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