Judy Tracy: Resist new education standards

Letter writer writes respectful resistance is needed, so all will know the danger of these proposed standards.

Reader Opinion letter

I am a retired public school teacher. I had been in the education field for over 30 years, usually with elementary students.

During those 30 years, education standards came and went. Each time I would adapt my teaching style to accomplish the new required standards.

I never felt compelled to object to the changes until this last year, when social studies standards were to be changed to a point where, if I were still teaching, I wouldn’t be able to adjust enough not to feel that I would be cheating my students.

Many of my students were from various ethnic backgrounds, all who needed someone to care about them and their education. With the proposed standards, my white students and white great-grandchildren are to be taught that they are to feel ashamed of having white privilege, over other ethnic groups.

One of my big concerns is that historical content, that our country was formed on, must be removed or diminished. This would mean that my great-grandchildren will not be learning about what made our great country what it is today.


Saying the pledge of allegiance to our country will not be permitted. Content about World War I, World War II, the Holocaust or September 11 willl not be covered.

Instead, beginning in kindergarten and primary school, when children are easily influenced, students will be taught a win/loss system, over unity, from American greatness to American oppression, through the 1619 project.

These standards are revised every 10 years, making 2024 the year when these standards will be implemented, requiring students to complete them to achieve their graduation.

These standards will increase public distrust in public education. Tax dollars will be used to promote the agenda.

Respectful resistance is needed, so all will know the danger of these proposed standards. This should not lead to silencing free speech. We need to speak to our political representatives about our concerns now.

Judy Tracy


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