Kathleen Wallace: Gov. Walz has become a dictator

Letter writer disapproves of Minnesota governor's coronavirus orders.

Reader Opinion letter

It has always been my understanding that we the people of the United States of America lived in a representative republic.

At this point in time it seems that we have changed governments without any input from the citizens of our state. We now live under the rule of a dictator named Governor Tim Walz.

We were told that if schools, churches, businesses and government offices were shut down, it would give hospitals and medical personnel time to prepare for a major medical emergency. It has now been 10-plus weeks of the shutdowns, if they are not prepared by now they never will be.

The governor seems to be on some sort of power trip. He thinks he is entitled to make decisions on most aspects of our lives.

We are not children, we are adults. We know enough to stay home if we are ill. An order from him is not a law. It has not been through the legislative process, which consists of being passed by the state House of Representatives and the Senate and then sent to the governor to sign.


This is how our government is supposed to work. I believe it is time for "we the people" to take our government back.

It is not okay for corporate stores and businesses to be open and make millions of dollars while small businesses are forced into economic ruin.

At this time we are not allowed to practice religious freedom, go to a restaurant for a meal, to see a movie, go camping with our families or have an evening out to socialize with friends.

I have been informed by a member of the legislature that if a business opens without the consent of the governor, they will be served with a subpoena from Attorney General Keith Ellison, they will be required to go to court, be fined, possibly go to jail and will lose their license to do business in the state of Minnesota.

It is time for us, the voting constituents of the State of Minnesota to say we have had enough of the infringement of our rights.

Kathleen Wallace


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