Kathryn Nelson-Hund: Please take shelter from COVID

Letter writer talks of the danger of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Reader Opinion letter

Dear fellow members of our community: If the weatherman issued a warning of an F5 tornado bearing down on our community and you heard the sirens wailing β€” what would you do?

If you know that lack of shelter could mean death β€” what would you do?

Would you ignore the warnings? Would you send your kids out to play? Would you invite everyone over for a party?

What if the F5 tornado has already destroyed some of Willmar?

Would you send your kids to school if half the roof was missing?


If it hit the nursing home, would you say that's OK because they were old anyway?

Wouldn't you want to help?

Wouldn't you want to limit the loss of lives and help rebuild our community?

COVID-19 is much more dangerous than an F5 tornado and is bearing down on our town.

We can limit the loss of lives by seeking shelter in a mask, socially distancing and staying home.

We wouldn't invite people to a party if the tornado sirens were wailing and we shouldn't now.

Just because you can't see the virus, doesn't mean the danger is any less.

The warnings are everywhere and the sirens are wailing.


Please take shelter.

We need everyone to help rebuild this community when the danger has passed.

Kathryn Nelson-Hund MD

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