Kent Syverson letter: Set your own rules on solicitations

The letter writer urges caution about money solicitation requests.

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August 28, 2014
Adam Zyglis

There are a number of organizations that send me mail asking for money.

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From the letter: These bills violate our Second Amendment, they make criminals out of hard-working taxpaying Minnesotans and do nothing to help enforcement of the laws we already have enacted, do nothing to promote prosecution, and do nothing to apply sentencing guidelines.
From the letter: At least the work on the new apartment building downtown is progressing nicely.

Most of them are legitimate, but there are also some that sound like scams.

I have my own set of rules.

The only one I will show is this: if they slam the Administration, then they don't get any of my money.

They may not like who's in office, but they must respect the office.


Kent Syverson

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