Kortgard responds to Tribune's 17B endorsement

Candidate letter writer responds to the West Central Tribune's House District 17B endorsement.

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Recently, the West Central Tribune endorsed my opponent, Dave Baker, citing bipartisanship and political experience as reasons to keep him in office. While I respect their decision, I would like to address a few of their points and concerns.

Baker has seen some success during his six years as District 17B’s representative, but he has proven this year that he is unfit to continue his service. Baker has feigned bipartisanship and has instead put his party ahead of District 17B. By failing to pass the bonding bill back in June due to partisan politics, he delayed action on the important issues mentioned by the Tribune. He has also failed to remain accessible to our community. For example, the voters in our district support an MNSure buy-in and accessible fiber-optic broadband, not fixed wireless internet — however, Baker supports neither of these solutions.

The Tribune cited political inexperience as a reason to withhold their support for me. By that same reasoning, they would not have endorsed Baker back in 2014 when he too was politically inexperienced. My policy positions are similar to those of my fellow Tribune-endorsed DFL candidates, so it is clear that the Tribune’s choice is not a consequence of my policy ideas, such as supporting and expanding investment in healthcare, daycare, housing, and broadband. Those who know me would describe me not as a political novice, but instead as someone who is idea-driven and able to work with anyone. My case for representing our district is clear: I’m a working man working for Minnesotans.

My name is Logan Kortgard. I can do this job well and serve Kandiyohians in a way that reflects what we want to see from our government. Above all else, I will always listen to you and fight for your needs. If you want a leader who understands what it means to be a proud member of Kandiyohi county, then I humbly ask that you consider voting for me on November 3rd. Thank you, and God Bless.

Logan Kortgard



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