Lake Andrew Township residents and property owners letter: Concerns about proposed Tepetonka Club location

These letter writers raise multiple concerns about proposed golf course for Lake Andrew Township west of New London.

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A proposed new golf course is being built in northern Kandiyohi County with a vision to bring private, destination golf to west central Minnesota and the rest of the state.<br/>
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We are neighbors concerned about the proposed location of the 188-acre private golf course Tepetonka Club in sections 13 and 14 of Lake Andrew Township in Kandiyohi County, near New London. As a local community, we have some grave concerns about the project.

Reader Opinion letter
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The letter writer wrote "Christmas is past, and the City of Willmar never put up many decorations either downtown or on First Street."
The letter writer wrote "We believe this information about the change is important to share with all the people in Kandiyohi County. We hope that the commissioners reverse their decision."
From the letter: All the excitement for legalization comes from what segment of our society? Who benefits? I’d say that the $180 million for our state coffers comes at too high a price.

The Century Farm location would cause enormous damage to the Upper Shakopee Creek, wetlands, Lake Florida, and the entire Chippewa River Watershed. The Century Farm itself has large fragile wetlands, flowing artesian springs, abundant wildlife, monarch butterfly habitat and an active eagle’s nest. All of this could be damaged by the golf course construction, maintenance, spraying fertilizers and herbicides, and septic systems.

The Century Farm location is very close to the 300-acre Kandiyohi County landfill. The documented risk of chemical leakage from the landfill extends up to and under the farmland. In the 1980s, the landfill was designated as a Superfund Cleanup Site.

Kandiyohi County has tried very hard to contain the leakage, but it continues to expand. A golf course pumping an estimated 10+ million gallons of water each summer near this landfill could cause the contaminated plume to expand much further and faster. The risk of irreversible damage to the aquifer and private wells is tremendous.

A full Environmental Impact Statement, not just a worksheet, needs to be done by the golf course developers for this complex. An Environmental Assessment Worksheet was done on Sept. 2, 2011 by Kandiyohi County as part of a Kandiyohi County landfill expansion project. That worksheet provides an excellent baseline for a new assessment. In addition, that worksheet calls for continued investigation of the contaminated groundwater plume.


At the July 26, 2022, Lake Andrew Township Board meeting, about 40 residents were present and wanting to ask questions about the environmental impact and taxation of the golf course. After a brief presentation, the developers refused to answer any questions and abruptly walked out.

Since the land has not been purchased, it is time for the developers to move on to a property that does not have these serious environmental concerns. The Kandiyohi County and City of Willmar Economic Development Commission could help them relocate.

We support Dean and Lori Thorson in their efforts to preserve their century-old family farm and protect this unique and fragile environment.

Lake Andrew Township residents and/or property owners:
Gary V. & Carolyn Noehl
Dr. Greg Olson & Karyn Vidmar
Steve & Dr. Amber Vick
Richard & Dorene Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Nelson
Andrew & Alicia Glimsdal
Mark J. & Dr. Julie Meyer Thompson
John & Kathy Hartley

More Tepetonka Club
A Kandiyohi County District Court judge will rule early next year on a lawsuit over the sale of Cedar Hills Century Family Farm land in rural New London to Tepetonka Club LLC.
While the Tepetonka Club is not a party to a civil lawsuit involving the land proposed for a destination golf course in rural New London, the lawsuit's outcome will determine whether or not the development can go forward, according to the plaintiff.
A civil trial has been rescheduled to December in Kandiyohi County District Court in a dispute between three siblings who are the shareholders of the Cedar Hills Century Farm. One sibling charges that the other two committed a breach of fiduciary duties in approving the sale of the land. Tepetonka Club has a purchase agreement for the land to develop a destination golf course, and says the transfer will go forward as soon as the litigation is resolved.
A civil lawsuit involving three siblings over a decision by two of them to sell land near Sibley State Park for a destination golf course will be heard by a jury in Kandiyohi County.
Three siblings have been unable to reach agreement in mediation in their dispute over the sale of their land for the proposed Tepetonka Golf Course south of Sibley State Park near New London.
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District Judge Stephen Wentzell agreed with the defendants in a property dispute that the property does not qualify as a family farm corporation, and consequently its bylaws were not violated when two of the three shareholder siblings approved its possible sale. However, the judge allowed the lawsuit by the third sibling to be amended to consider allegations of breach of fiduciary duty by the two defendants.
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A civil lawsuit by a man against two other siblings charges that the Cedar Hills Century Farm land eyed for the proposed Tepetonka Golf Course can only be sold to family members.
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The organizer for the planned Tepetonka Club private, destination golf course said a founding group of 20 investors has a purchase agreement for land in northern Kandiyohi County. An Australian firm will be on site next month to begin planning its design.

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