Marie K. Nelson: Minnesota needs election security funding

Letter writer urges Sen. Andrew Lang and Mary Kiffmeyer to support Minnesota request for election security funding.

Reader Opinion letter

Later in May the legislative session for 2020 in our state will conclude.

At this time I would like to call all Minnesotans to contact their legislators about the Federal Election Security funding that has been sitting in Washington, D.C., waiting for it to be asked for by our state.

Why would anyone hold up money that has been designated to all 50 states? Why is Minnesota the only state of the 50 that has not made the request for this funding.

With a historical election looming we should quickly access this grant.

Senator Mary Kiffmeyer, chair of the Senate Elections Committee and Sen. Andrew Lang need to be urged not to let this money remain unused.


Email address for them can be found at

Marie K. Nelson


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