Mark Stromswold letter: Does the Gatz letter writer stand behind that profane sign?

The letter writer questions whether Gatz letter writer stands behind the profane sign blaming voters for Joe Biden.

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Two excellent letters to the editor on Aug. 20 next to each other on the opinion page of the West Central Tribune.

Reader Opinion letter
Reader Opinion letter
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The letter writer believe citizens should demand that our state and federal representatives and senators work on permitting the building of more coal, gas and nuclear power plants resulting in lower energy costs.
The letter writer urges caution about money solicitation requests.
The letter writer believes educators should change history lessons.
The letter writer calls on the Biden administration to address Mexico's bio-tech corn ban.

Thyank you to both Ms. Michelle Gatz and Ms. Kristin Amundson.

Ms. Gatz positions her Pastors and herself standing behind Jesus saving America.

The question is when she is standing behind the sign across the road from Decision Hills Bible Camp profanely blaming those who voted for Joe Biden? Is Jesus standing there too?

Mark Stromswold


The letter writer complains about the poor taste of a political sign.
The letter writer says "It is time for all Christian and patriotic Americans to stand up and stop this move of intimidation against hard-working Americans."
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An editorial cartoon by Dave Granlund.
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