Marlys Larsen: Time to save the Postal Service

Letter writer cites the needs for the U.S. Postal Service.

Reader Opinion letter

The news media has been stating that President Trump is pushing to eliminate the U.S. Postal Service or raise its fees to exorbitant levels. Trump states that this is because the postal office is in deep debt.

But history brings a new light on the topic.

In 2006 while President Bush was in office Congress passed a law that required the Postal Service to pre-fund the health benefits for postal retirees for 75 years over a 10-year span.

In February 2020, Rep. DeFazio authored a bill to eliminate the pre-funding mandate. This pre-funding is the cause of the financial losses in Postal Service. No other federal agency is required to prefund retirement health care benefits.

Furthermore, if the Postal Service is eliminated there will be many negative repercussions:


It will be harmful to the strength of rural areas and small towns.

There will be a loss of stable employment opportunities.

An elimination of mail-in voting.

Elimination of consistent and easy safe mailing.

Over 10 years this $110 billion has been accumulated with the intent for future postal service retirees. But it is being diverted to help reduce our national debt.

Talk to your congressional representatives about this.

Marlys Larsen


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