Martha Alsleben letter: Reconsider closing the Kandiyohi County ballot drop box

Summary: Letter writer asks county board to reconsider ballot drop box decision

Absentee voters can drop off their ballots in the box outside of the Kandiyohi County Office Building in Willmar or bring it to a box inside as well. Erica Dischino / West Central Tribune file photo
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Minnesota’s voting record, commitment to ensuring access to ballots and encouraging voter participation have been a source of pride for our fine state.

Unfortunately, the trend is changing in other parts of the United States. In 2021, 19 states enacted 33 laws that made it harder for Americans to vote.

The League of Women Voters of the Willmar Area requests the Kandiyohi County Commissioners reconsider their vote on closing the ballot drop box. 

Commissioners made voting convenient and accessible during the pandemic by adding the ballot drop box at the Kandiyohi County Office Building.

Since predicting the trajectory of COVID is difficult, let’s err on the side of Kandiyohi County voters and keep the ballot drop box available.


Martha Alsleben
League of Women Voters of the Willmar Area 

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