Paul and Patti Heyl: Congress must uphold the Constitution

Reader Opinion letter

President Trump repeatedly denies any collusion with the Russians.

Circumstantial evidence includes Trump’s staff meeting with Russians and then claiming the meeting was about adoption.

Trump requested in a public speech that Russia should find and release Hillary Clinton’s emails. A short time later his request is granted. Trump claims these actions are coincidental and he did not collude with Putin.

In a bank robbery case this much circumstantial evidence would usually result in a conviction. Special Counsel Robert Mueller decided that there was not enough evidence to prove the case. Mueller didn’t exonerate Trump’s obstruction. Trump must have believed the Mueller information was enough to prove collusion.

Maybe it should take more than circumstantial evidence to impeach a president? Maybe the next election should settle the issue?


Not anymore.

Trump has admitted asking the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden. Trump withheld military aid to the Ukrainians prior to making his request.

Trump also admitted to asking Australia for dirt.

Does this mean it is legal for the president to use coercion of foreign governments to maintain his own power, subvert our election process, and solicit foreign countries to sabotage elections?

Trump’s behavior is what Third World dictators, pretending to be presidents, do to ensure they win elections.

The Republicans believed Bill Clinton lying about an illicit sexual affair was a high crime warranting impeachment.

Significant numbers of Republicans had the courage to uphold their oath of office and deliver an ultimatum to Richard Nixon resulting in his resignation.

Where are the profiles in courage from Republicans now?


Subverting our election process isn’t just a high crime or misdemeanor; it is treason. A president who believes anything he does is legal simply because he is the president is not just demonstrating bad judgment, he jeopardizes the essential ability of our government to function as a democracy.

How is this not treason? These usurpations of power are the seeds of fascism and the destruction of the balance of power within our government. Congress needs to uphold their oaths of office and defend our Constitution.

Paul and Patti Heyl

Bird Island

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