Phil Drietz: Bring on the CO2; it's good for the Earth

Letter writer makes case for the benefits of carbon dioxide.

Reader Opinion letter

The Nov. 11 letter “Demand action on climate change,” says: “it costs $200 per ton to remove CO2 from the air.”

Why would anyone want to take carbon dioxide out of the air?

Consider that water vapor, a greenhouse gas, traps about 1.375 times more heat than man’s CO2. That’s based on a 1% global atmospheric water vapor content; however it can at times go up to 4% in places.

The thing about water vapor is its variability from day to day and place to place over the Earth; and that’s a big problem for climatologists when trying to get climate models to work.

Consider that even a somewhat small up or down change in the massive quantity of water vapor may release or absorb far more heat, and therefore have more effect on temperature, than would a doubling of our current tiny CO2 level.


Oceans have a huge effect on water vapor level depending on amount of cloud cover blocking the sun’s energy, and, what the 40,000-mile ‘tank heater’ (under-sea volcanic mountain chain) happens to be belching out at any given time.

So bring on the CO2. Green plants love it and grow bigger as the concentration goes up, thereby creating a “greener planet.”

Like evolution, heliocentricity, and billions of years old Earth, the “man-made global warming” position appears to be indefensible.

Phil Drietz


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