Rebecca West letter: The cowardly individual sent anonymous feedback

The letter writer disregards feedback from anonymous individual.

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The TV program “Cheers” had a theme song that included lyric “Where everybody knows your name!” It is a comforting thought if all those “Everbodys’’ are friends. I live in a small town. My name is
published in our telephone book. My published address is not my mailing address. Sometimes I still get mail, because the post office in both small towns “Know my name.” That is usually good, but. ...

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After I wrote a letter to the editor published in West Central Tribune, I received a different newspaper mailed from Spicer. It cost the sender $2.65. It was sent to wrong address, wrong town, but was still delivered. I will not dignify including the name of that other newspaper.

I probably know the sender of that newspaper, but he/she was a coward and chose to remain anonymous. My friends know and usually respect that I enjoy “discussion.” My ideas don’t have to be
inflected on another “body” unless invited in open discussion — or even in answer via rebuttal of letter to the editor.

I’m willing to listen to facts, but facts based on researched truth. Only cowards anonymously refuse discussion.

The sent newspaper did not include a publication source, one of the markers I use for gauging credibility. The sender was an anonymous coward and he/she sent information that was cowardly
anonymous. I intend to add the newspaper to my compost garbage pile — the only place it can do some potential benefit.


To that newspaper sender — $2.65 was too much to invest in your cowardice.

Rececca West
New London

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