Rex Todd: Selfishness is a sin, repent

Summary: Letter writer calls on people to repent.

Reader Opinion letter

I’m not a scientist but I observed as many of you did when you walked into the grocery store last weekend.

All the eggs were gone, all the toilet paper, paper towels and kleenex.

All the water, pizza and much of every kind of food. And all the disinfectant supplies.

One of the great moral laws is — “To love our neighbor as our self.”

What about all those who were less fortunate than those who were able to afford to selfishly hoard all this stuff and then go home and read their self magazines.


There are people on Social Security. People who have no jobs because they were laid off. People that were sick or crippled or could only find a part time job.

And the list goes on and on.

It would seem as I walked down the aisles of two shopping stores that this could not have been humans that did this, but animals.

Is that not what sin is, selfishness. “Repent.”

You would not want someone to do this to you. So don’t do it to your neighbor.

Coronavirus certainly infected a lot of brains.

Rex Todd


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