Roger Baumann letter: The apathy of American citizens

Letter writer expresses concerns about the apathy of American citizens.

Primary voting
Early morning voters at a Willmar polling place in a past election.
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There are times when I wonder which is worse, the current crop of political hacks in our government or the people that continue to vote for and support them? Or is it, perhaps, the media that filters everything we hear, see and read?

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When it comes right down to it, we have to take a long hard look at ourselves because we the people have made it possible for all of it. We are responsible for everything we are dealing with today by neglecting our responsibility of being involved in the process of governing ourselves and allowing those elected and un-elected to govern us.

We have become so complacent, apathetic, lazy and un-involved that even taking the time to vote has become a "burden," rather than a responsibility.

Not voting for any reason is irresponsible.

Many eligible voters haven't got a clue who the people are they cast their vote for. The past few election cycles have shown that only 60 to 65 percent of eligible people vote. 35 to 40 percent don't even make the effort. That is pathetic!


Yet, the complaints of how our government is run and by whom is heard daily from more than half of the population from Washington DC down to the City Councils and Townships.

The Constitution guarantees us the "Right to Life, Liberty and Property (Happiness)." How much of that do we still possess?

If you take a moment to think, you may come to realize we don't possess as much as we thought. Take the time to read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and become responsible and involved citizens.

Only we the people can restore the freedoms and liberties in order to pass them on to following generations.

Roger Baumann

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