Roger Schaeffer: Kandiyohi County's wrong on recycling

Letter writer criticizes Kandiyohi County's recycling move

Reader Opinion letter
Reader Opinion letter
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Hello, I am a 60-year-old Willmar resident. For the last 10 years, I have worked part-time for West Central Industries at the Kandiyohi County Recycling Plant.

It was a very good place to work for me, a disabled person. I start a new part-time position with West Central Industries June 1 on a cleaning crew.

All over the USA cities and counties are moving away from single-sort recycling.

China was 50 percent of the recycling market. They decided about 1 year ago that recycling from the United States was too contaminated.

The Kandiyohi County Count Board has now decided to buck the trend and switch to single-sort recycling.


I can only hypothesize that enough residents of Kandiyohi County got the ear or the County Board to influence them to make this decision. The squeaking wheel gets the oil.

A simple google search will result in many articles that the trend of single-sort recycling is reversing across the country.

Roger Schaeffer


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