Rolf Standfuss: Please wear a mask

If we don’t comply it will be up to our Federal and State governments to enforce more restrictions and I don’t think people would like that.

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I have finally had enough of the stores in Willmar that have lowered their standards for wearing masks or not enforcing mask-wearing at all.

Don’t you think it is time to wear a mask, people?

I first must commend Menards for stationing a person, at their entrance, telling patrons they must wear or purchase a mask to shop there. Home Depot has done the same but certainly not consistently.

My wife and I have made a pledge to not shop or shop very little at stores that don’t enforce mask-wearing. We were in one of our drug stores the other day and there were about 8 people shopping at that time and four were not wearing masks.

We asked about it and the employee told us, she couldn’t enforce it as it had to be a manager and they are rarely upfront.


I have also seen incidents where a customer has been asked to wear a mask and they have gotten aggressive as well as complaining.

I even witnessed a customer entering a store and who was given a mask as he complained. He put it on but within ten feet took it off and was complaining out loud.

We also have seen this at our grocery stores where people entered the store without masks or not wearing over their nose.

It is time for all stores to do the right thing! Quit sending us out of town or online to spend our money.

With the continued outbreak of the virus in Kandiyohi County and the state, it is time.

It is time for people to get over it and help lower this outbreak and protect your neighbors, friends, relatives, and yes, even strangers.

Wearing of a mask was politicized early, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated it would help to not spread the virus.

Now they have said it would prevent a person from spreading the virus as well as keeping a person safe from the spread. It is time to unpoliticize it and wear a mask.


If we don’t comply it will be up to our Federal and State governments to enforce more restrictions and I don’t think people would like that.

I want to thank Dave Baker and Andrew Lang, for probably being the only ones coming out and telling everyone to wear mask.

Rolf Standfuss, Willmar

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