Ron Adams letter: Please control and train your dogs

Summary: The letter writer calls on Willmar dog owners, to follow the rules, control and train your dogs and also clean up after them.

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I have been a dog owner for 43 years. I have had tall dogs, hairy dogs, goofy dogs and at times multiple oversized dogs. As I have grown older my dogs have gone from over 100 pounds down to 10 pounds.

One of the changes about now having a small dog is that when we are walking I spend much of the time surveying the landscape for any possible dangers, frightening dogs or people. When I had big dogs I never worried about them being accosted.

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Now that I have a miniature dachshund I am very aware of how another dog could easily kill my precious Ruby with a single bite. I have altered my walking route many times because of large dogs that lunge out and bark loudly at us.

Recently, I thought I had found the safest, small dog way around the block. As the walk started we stopped at the next-door neighbor, so Ruby could get her ritual belly rub and three houses later we were attacked by a much larger dog that charged out of a garage.

Then there was a lot of barking, yelling and kicking. Finally, the attacker walked away and I carried my unharmed yet shivering pup back home instead of going for our walk. I was livid, so I went back and told the dog neighbors that they need to keep their dog tied up.


Since then I have felt how unfair this is. I have a little ten-pound very sweet, gentle dog on a leash and other people let their dogs run free. Did I need to arm myself with bear spray or a large stick to go for a walk?

No, I should not have to. Plus I would never want to harm any animal just because their owners do not follow the rules. Talking to other dog owners in town and delivery people who have to deal with dogs on a daily basis I do not think this was a rare episode.

Willmar dog owners need to follow the rules, control and train your dogs and also clean up after them.

Ron Adams

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