Ron Klever: Poor example of social distancing

Letter writer complains about Walmart employees social distancing

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On Sunday, May 3, we took a trip to Walmart in Willmar to pick up a few things.

My wife and I were in the check-out line, maintaining our required “social distancing” until our turn to check out.

I was looking around while waiting, only to find two Walmart employees standing less than a foot from one another. I’m not sure if they were male or female, both of their faces were covered.

I politely walked over to them, maintaining “social distancing” and asked where was their spacing? I was told by one of them, later finding out he/she was the store manager.

“We don’t have to.”


You expect customers to comply but “you don’t have to.”

Defiant. It is becoming the norm.

Wake-up Willmar, Minnesota, America.

With this growing attitude of defiance, it’s no wonder of the issues facing us here in the United States of America. Home of the free, because of the brave.

Ron Klever


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