Shelley Hedlund letter: I am praying for America

The letter writer supports a positive attitude about the United States.

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At the Kandiyohi County Fair, a young Democrat man asked us at the Kandiyohi County Republicans booth why we support Christian nationalism. My reaction to the question is, “What exactly is a Christian nationalist?”

The letter writer wrote "Christmas is past, and the City of Willmar never put up many decorations either downtown or on First Street."
The letter writer wrote "We believe this information about the change is important to share with all the people in Kandiyohi County. We hope that the commissioners reverse their decision."
From the letter: All the excitement for legalization comes from what segment of our society? Who benefits? I’d say that the $180 million for our state coffers comes at too high a price.

I think it is a label that the mainstream media has assigned to those of us who voted for Donald Trump and support America First ideas. Along with that label, they call us white supremacists, extremists, terrorists, racists and any other negative names they can dream up.

As a baby boomer, I grew up in a fairly innocent time in Willmar. We survived the turbulent 1960s with a love for our flawed but free country still intact. So how is it now politically correct to hate America, our founding fathers, our freedoms as explained in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, our history, capitalism, Christianity and the white race?

I am not denying the dark side of our history, including the injustices of slavery, how our government treated Native Americans and other wrongs.

But why would we deny or disparage the Christian faith of the pilgrims who fled persecution for religious freedom in America and the faith of at least some of our founding fathers? Why do we no longer want to study the ideas of Thomas Jefferson and others without constantly focusing on their sins and faults?


Why is a very graphic and adult-level sexual “education” curriculum being forced on very young children in some school districts? And if their parents exercise their First Amendment rights to object, why are they labeled as extremists?

A country that constantly apologizes for its errors and wallows in its failures cannot move ahead as a healthy nation. We’ve had enough negative propaganda and indoctrination on how “evil” we are and enough victimology.

I will vote for candidates who have a positive attitude about the USA, our current system and the opportunities we have. But I will not embrace socialism, communism or a global agenda that would weaken our sovereignty and the great, unique country that I believe we are meant to be. Praying for the USA.
Shelley Hedlund

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