Shelley Hedlund: One-party rule is harming Minnesota

From the letter: We are shocked at how quickly a radical Leftist program has been advanced through the Minnesota Legislature with support from the governor.

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With our trifecta DFL-controlled government in St. Paul, we Minnesotans are finding out what it is like to live under a one-party dominated system. Many Democrats, especially those on the far Left, are probably celebrating. Those of us on the Republican side, both legislators and voters alike, are feeling very left out of the process.

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From the letter: Rep. Fischbach and other Republicans in Congress cannot deny that Congress avoided default and increased the debt ceiling three times under the previous White House occupant, Donald Trump, to pay for massive tax cuts that benefitted billionaires, drove up the debt significantly, but never helped the economy and average Americans like me.
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From the letter: You can also contact the Suicide Hotline at 800-273-TALK or text HOME to 741741. There is also the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, call or text 988 or visit

We are shocked at how quickly a radical Leftist program has been advanced through the Minnesota Legislature with support from the governor. Here are examples:

  • Abortion until the time of birth.
  • So-called gender-affirming care that allows minors to have life-altering, irreversible surgery without parental involvement or consent. Parental rights could be terminated if parents don’t support a child’s “decision” to transition. 
  • A completely unrealistic plan for Minnesota to be carbon-free by 2040, called the “blackout bill” by some.
  • Free school lunches for every public school student, even for those whose families could afford to pay.
  • The rejection of a proposal from Republicans to no longer tax people’s social security income.
  • The largest state budget in history. A two-year budget of $70 billion, with $17.5 billion in new spending.
  • More funding for schools that will come with mandates that school districts will have to continue to fund themselves through property taxes. 
  • New gun laws. Why not enforce the 41 we already have on the books? 
  • Proposal for Minnesota to be a sanctuary state for illegal aliens. That means Minnesota will refuse to work with federal immigration authorities.
  • A family leave/sick time bill that will place big burdens on struggling businesses that are already understaffed. 

Minnesota residents, including moderate Democrats, are you happy with the radical political agenda that is being made into law by our DFL majority in St. Paul? The Democrat Party is being controlled by far-Left activists harming our state and people. If you don’t like what is happening, consider carefully how you vote in the next election. Your vote is crucial!

Shelly Hedland

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