Susan Datko letter: Please control your dog

Letter writer calls on owners to please control your dog.

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Like many Willmar residents, I am a dog owner. I walk my dog in the Garfield and Jefferson area.

Twice in the last week, a large German Shepherd has gotten away from the young boy holding the leash and chased down my dog and me while we were on Kandiyohi Avenue near 11th and 13th Street.

The young boy and young girl companion (also with a large dog) were able to catch up and pull the German Shepherd off my dog and me the first time this happened before there were any injuries.

During the second incident, the evening of May 24th, my friend’s small dog was picked up and bitten by the German Shepherd and if not for the harness vest this 9-pound dog was wearing, there would have been a serious injury.

The German Shepherd charged at us with no warning, coming at us from behind and from a distance. Our dogs were leashed, walking, and unaware of the German Shepherd until it was upon us.


German Shepherds are beautiful, strong dogs. They also can be intimidating and when not trained and under control can be dangerous. This dog is large, dark, hairy, and charged us quietly with no warning.

To the owners of this dog: Young children should not be in charge of your dog in public areas, that young boy can not hold onto or control that dog.

Unprovoked and without warning, your dog has chased, intimidated, and bitten.

The Garfield/Jefferson/Miller Park area is busy with lots of activities, people, children, and other dogs.

The behavior of your dog makes me fear for a serious injury incident. Please prevent this from happening again.

Susan Datko

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