Wendell Nash letter: Fischbach stands for veterans

Summary: Letter writer comments on Rep. Fischbach's support of veterans.

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Recently, I have read some attacks on Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach as being "anti Veteran." I find these claims to be false and completely partisan.

The PACT Act was a political exercise by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to force Republicans to take a bad vote. Even before the Speaker brought this hollow bill to the floor, the Senate reached a bipartisan agreement, which was supported by Veteran Service Officers.

If Speaker Pelosi actually wanted to provide care and benefits to toxic-exposed veterans, she could have considered this already passed, bipartisan solution and had it signed into law.

The PACT Act would cost over $300 billion without offsets, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and the Veterans Affairs estimates that the bill would cause an increase in the backlog of disability claims by at least 1.5 million claims by the end of the fiscal year. The Veterans Administration already has many backlogged claims which should be addressed first, before adding to their workload.

Rep. Fischbach has co-sponsored the House Companion of the Senate Legislation, H.R. 6659, Healthcare for Bum Pit Veterans Act. She has also co-sponsored the TEAM Act, which is a bill that would establish a process for the presumption of service connection for certain illnesses related to burn pits and expands eligibility for benefits and disability claims.


I applaud Rep. Fischbach for her work on behalf of our Veterans and encourage the reader to look past the left's partisan attacks.

Wendell Nash

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