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Health Fusion

Health care journalist Viv Williams delivers daily health tips. Meet amazing people who’ll share their stories of illness, wellness and how they find joy.

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Latest Episodes
Health Fusion: Meet the Gratitude Junkie
Fri Jan 28 18:55:00 EST 2022
Why bother with gratitude? In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams hangs out with the Gratitude Junkie, an author, speaker and entrepreneur who shares how a traumatic life event compelled him to become a conductor of gratitude.

Health Fusion: How a chocolate chip cookie reveals the power of negativity
Thu Jan 27 18:55:00 EST 2022
Can the label "consumer complaint" on a chocolate chip cookie sway how people think it tastes? In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams explores a study that highlights the power of negativity in people's food preferences.

Health Fusion: Fat injections for foot pain
Wed Jan 26 18:55:00 EST 2022
An injection of your own fat into the sole of your foot may help plantar fasciitis pain. In this episode of NewsMD's Health Fusion, Viv Williams checks out the details of a new study.

Health Fusion: Eye exams may help predict heart attack
Tue Jan 25 18:55:00 EST 2022
What do your eyes have to do with heart disease? In this episode of NewMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams explains how a trip to the optometrist could help predict your risk of heart attack thanks to AI technology.

Health Fusion: Men who worry and their risk of heart disease
Mon Jan 24 18:55:00 EST 2022
Men who worry may be at increased of getting heart disease younger. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams has details of a new study about potential negative health effects of worrying.

Health Fusion: Your brain keys into unfamiliar voices while you sleep
Tue Jan 18 18:55:00 EST 2022
While you snooze, your brain stays busy and alert. It pays attention to unfamiliar voices. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams shares details of emerging research about how your brain keeps working while you count sheep.

Health Fusion: Politics are making us sick
Tue Jan 18 14:15:05 EST 2022
When you check your newsfeed, do you get rankled over politics? A new study shows that all of that stress is making us sick. Viv Williams has details in this episode of "Health Fusion" for NewsMD.

Health Fusion: Coping with winter if you have seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
Fri Jan 14 18:55:00 EST 2022
When the days get shorter, people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) may begin to struggle. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams talks to a University of Minnesota psychologist about how to cope if you have symptoms of this depressive disorder.

Health Fusion: Skimping on sleep makes you feel older, look older and can hurt your health
Thu Jan 13 18:55:00 EST 2022
Who wants to feel and look older than they are? Likely nobody. Viv Williams taps some new studies that all point to sleep as a key to keeping that from happening.

Health Fusion: Olive Oil's Connection To Your Risk Of Dying From Certain Diseases
Wed Jan 12 18:55:00 EST 2022
Want to try and reduce your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, cancer and other illnesses? Up your intake of olive oil. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion, Viv Williams checks out a study from the American College of Cardiology.