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columnist Rob Port

Rob Port


Rob Port was a pioneer in political blogging in North Dakota, founding SayAnythingBlog.com in 2003. Since then he's worked in talk radio and published print columns as well. Currently he publishes digital and print columns for the Forum News Service, and also hosts the Plain Talk podcast.

Before beginning his writing career, he spent 10 years working as a private investigator specializing in insurance fraud, accessing public records, and criminal defense.

He speaks English.

From the commentary: Democrats haven't given up on America. Republicans don't want people to be miserable or dead. Most Americans, whatever their politics, have universal goals, mostly concerning peace and prosperity, and only differ on the paths we ought to take to get there. All we have to do, to make things better in America, is stop listening to the people who say otherwise.
People who truly value "diverse voices" and "artistic expression" would allow Dave Chappelle's show to go on. Those who object to what the comedian says should be told that they need not buy a ticket, because "diverse voices" doesn't mean "all the voices except the ones I disagree with."
Ukrainian tanks move into the city, after Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized military operation in eastern Ukraine, in Mariupol
Rob Port: Russia's invasion of Ukraine ought to bring us all some clarity
It's fashionable to be cynical about politics. To believe that one candidate isn't all that different from another. That attitude is a luxury afforded to us by decades of relative peace and prosperity. It really does matter who leads us, and at present, we are not well-led.
Humanity, it seems, robbed on the solstice of the fullness of the sun's light and warmth, has, across its spectrum of race and culture, created traditions that seek to replace that literal light and warmth with figurative alternatives found in family and fellowship.
Political figures like Noem like to posture themselves as outsiders. Dutiful servants of the will of the people. They're all for accountability, as long as the spotlight of scrutiny is focused on their political enemies. Focus it on them, and they go looking for a rock to crawl under.
What conservative principle is advanced by attacking a young woman for making a decision in a situation few of us have ever been in?
These organizations plan for the arrests. They plan for the activities that will lead to the arrests. They force law enforcement into a quandary, forced to choose between allowing activists to trespass and harass and disrupt with impunity, or make mass arrests that will almost certainly be portrayed negatively.
If we conservatives believe that business owners have a right to refuse service, if we believe they should be allowed to choose who they associate with and generally conduct their business in accordance with their convictions, then we have to accept that businesses can refuse to do business with the unvaccinated, be it as an employer or provider of goods and services.
North Dakota's COVID-19 numbers have significantly improved since a peak in November of last year when numbers for active cases, daily deaths, and hospitalizations were among the worst in the nation, and Gov. Doug Burgum instituted a statewide mask mandate.
It's not clear that Louise Erdrich knows the Line 3 pipeline already exists.