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Prep Tennis: Litchfield to play for fifth in Class A

MINNEAPOLIS - The Litchfield tennis team's solid season came to an end in a 7-0 loss to two-time defending Class A champion The Blake School on Tuesday at the Reed-Sweatt Family Tennis Center.

The Dragons defeated Roseau 7-0 in the consolation semifinals Tuesday night and will play Virginia for the fifth-place trophy at noon today at Reed-Sweatt.

Blake dropped just nine games in four singles matches in the opener.

Litchfield's Laney Huhner and Avery Stilwell pushed Blake's Sophie Skallerud to three sets, knotting up the match with a 7-5 win in the second set before dropping a tough 10-8 third set.

Class A quarterfinals

Blake School 7, Litchfield 0


(1) Lainey Axell, B, def. Shanna Kinny 6-1 6-0 (2) Arlina Shen, B, def. Elise Bierbaum 6-0 6-0 (3) Sonia Baig, B, def. Natalie Nelson 6-3 6-1 (4) Bella Suk, B, def. Alanis Thesenvitz 6-1 6-3


(1) Sophie Skallerud/Abbie Nelson, B, def. Laney Huhner/Avery Stilwell 6-4 5-7 10-8 (2) Emily Melin/Caroline Cameron, B, def. Vaida Behnke/Neriah Lara 6-1 6-1 (3) Allyson Jay/Anna Secor, B, def. Alyssa Ross/Taylar Smith 6-1 6-0

Consolation semifinals

Litchfield 7, Roseau 0


(1) Shanna Kinny, L, def. Jodi Ostroski 6-2 6-2 (2) Elise Bierbaum, L, Lauren Johnson 6-0 6-0 (3) Natalie Nelson, L, def. Kate Wensloff 6-4 7-5 (4) Alanis Thesenvitz, L, def. Lindsay McFarlane 6-0 6-0


(1) Laney Huhner/Avery Stilwell, L, def. Kacie Bjerk/Haley Ostgaard 6-1 6-3 (2) Vaida Behnke/Neriah Lara, L, def. Ellice Murphy/Kiana Flaig 7-5 6-1 (3) Alyssa Ross/Taylar Smith, L, def. Bria Dale/Grace Walsh 6-3 6-0