Down four strokes with nine holes to go, it didn't look good for Pete Hannig down the stretch.

But over the last three holes of the 2019 Lakeland Championship on Sunday, Hannig was piecing together some of the most clutch golf of his life.

"I put a good swing on it on 16 and made the putt for birdie," Hannig said. "I had a bad drive on 17 but I hit it up by the green and chipped it in for birdie."

The scores were tight heading into the final hole, so Hannig pulled out his 4-wood, hoping to give himself a chance.

"I hit the 4-wood down the middle and I had 89 yards," Hannig said. "I'd been leaving that 90-yard shot short so I made sure to hit it solid and got it pin high."

Hannig sank the putt for his third consecutive birdie and his first-ever championship at Eagle Creek Golf Club with a 45-hole score of 182.

"I've been golfing (this tournament) for 20 years. I think my best finish was third in this and everything else second out here," Hannig said. "Finally."

He added, "I didn't know where I was at until I got to the 18th tee box. I was just going," Hannig said. "Then we found out we were all tied so I thought if I could hit that 4-wood up the middle, I could give myself a chance."

Danny Anderson, who had a four-stroke lead through 36 holes, finished in a tie for second with Jim Anderson with 184s. Last year's champion, Andy Jacobson, was tied for fourth with Bart Bradford with 185s.

"The game is so up and down. You think you got it figured out and it's gone," Hannig said. "I've gone birdie-birdie-birdie before but not in a situation like that. I'm as happy as can be."

John Spreiter was the champion of the Hagen Flight with a score of 149, which was four strokes better than Brady Madsen's second-place score. Shawn Bohlsen was the Palmer Flight champ with 161, besting Al Baker's 165. Scott Holt pulled away with the Senior Championship with 145 and Howie Swift was the Senior Hogan victor with 167.

2019 Lakeland Championship

At Eagle Creek Golf Club

Championship Flight

(1) Pete Hannig 182 (T-2) Jim Anderson 184 (T-2) Danny Anderson 184 (T-4) Andy Jacobson 185 (T-4) Bart Bradford 185 (6) Matt Gorans 192 (7) Hunter Mottinger 193 (8) Sam Peterson 194 (9) Paul Hannig 195 (WD) Brian Ames, Greg Peterson and Jake Richels

Hagen Flight

(1) John Spreiter 149 (2) Brady Madsen 153 (T-3) Chad Akerson 154 (T-3) Jon Beaver 154 (T-3) Levi Hauser 154 (6) Chris Bennett 160 (7) Eric Means 161 (8) Cory Erickson 163 (9) Scott Carruthers 167 (10) Zack Hauser 168 (11) Dustin Thompson 169 (12) Lee Nelson 170

Palmer Flight

(1) Shawn Bohlsen 161 (2) Al Baker 165 (3) Josh Fladeboe 167 (4) Josh Cole 170 (5) Jeff Aachen 174 (T-6) Colin Erickson 175 (T-6) Luke Hagen 175 (T-8) Andy Zuidema 176 (T-8) Scott Kragh 176 (10) Tyler Sachariason 179 (11) Adam Happe 191 (WD) Brady Damhof

Senior Championship Flight

(1) Scott Holt 145 (2) Roque Arcilla 151 (3) Brian Berget 160 (4) Bob Poe 161 (5) Jon Grabow 162 (6) Todd Bergeth 163

Senior Hogan Flight

(1) Howie Swift 167 (2) Norm Strehlow 170 (3) Gordy Lindblad 172 (4) Mac Habicht 173 (5) Ken Warzecha 174 (6) Andy Johnson 183 (WD) Kevin Bronner