The Minnesota State High School League will hold a special meeting at 9 a.m. Monday to discuss reinstating football and volleyball for the fall season.

MSHSL Board President Blaine Novak called the special meeting on Wednesday morning after reviewing its Aug. 4 decision to postpone the two sports to a mid-March to mid-May "fourth season" amid concerns over COVID-19.

A three-day notice is required for any special meeting to be held. The next scheduled meeting for the board of directors was set for Oct. 1, which would have left football and volleyball with not much time to compile a fall season.

During a three-hour, 50-minute workshop on Tuesday, the earliest potential dates for fall football games would be Oct. 2 while volleyball would begin games on Oct. 22. A survey was also planned to be sent to each member school prior to any special meeting.

This week, football and volleyball teams began a three-week practice period to train athletes in anticipation of a spring season.