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Duluth native Geving to curl in first Olympics

DULUTH—Aileen Geving's first curling experience likely paralleled that of any 10-year-old girl dragged along to join in her father's extracurricular activities.

She showed up at the Duluth Curling Club 20 years ago with few expectations of enjoyment.

"It was something that my parents pushed me into, but I fell in love with it after trying it," she said. "The first time my dad wanted me to go down and try it, I thought, 'This is his thing and not mine and I have no interest in this.' When I tried it, apparently I cried when we had to leave because I liked it so much."

A Duluth native and Minnesota Duluth graduate in organizational management, the 30-year-old Geving parlayed her love of the sport into two U.S. national junior championships and two appearances at senior worlds as well.

Finally, in her fourth Olympic trials, as a member of skip Nina Roth's women's team, she qualified for her first Winter Games by winning a testy, pressure-packed, best-of-three finals in November.

"I don't think you simulate the amount of pressure and stress in an Olympic trials, but having gone through and done well at the trials gives us that extra bit of confidence that we need in the Olympics," she said.

Tabitha Peterson, Becca Hamilton and alternate Cory Christensen of Duluth are on Roth's team that finished fifth at the 2017 world championships.