SPICER - Hard to beat this: Camaraderie, good stories, and the opportunity to harvest a deer.

That’s what’s being offered for the 20th year in a row as the Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center hosts its annual deer hunt for persons with disabilities. The hunt will be held on the PWELC grounds during the second weekend of the firearm season, Nov. 15-17.

There are spots available for disabled hunters who would like to be part of the annual hunt, according to Mark Mertens, who coordinates the annual event. He encourages anyone interested to contact him at 320-894-1664.

This year’s hunt has openings for nine-to-10 adult hunters. They will be joined by a youth shooter who won a shot through the Fork Horn training at PWELC.

Volunteers transport hunters to handicap accessible blinds, and they help the hunters field dress and retrieve their game. Hunters join for meals in the PWELC barn and the opportunity to share stories of the day.