Tu-Uyen Tran

MOORHEAD, Minn. -- Undergraduate enrollment at Minnesota State University Moorhead has reached a low point not seen since at least 2000, while graduate enrollment has surged to its highest level in years, according to figures the university relea...
FARGO -- Roses, rosaries and candles surrounded a framed picture of Gabriel Perez outside the McDonald's on Main Avenue Monday, Sept. 24. "R.I.P. Gabe" was printed on one of the candles. The 20-year-old Fargo man was shot early Sunday while sitti...
FARGO -- Police officers and firefighters went looking for a suicide victim in a south-side Fargo apartment Friday morning, Sept. 21, and found the victim already covered by a white sheet, according to Cass County District Court documents.
FARGO - In the minutes before Pedro Ruiz III was shot and killed in a stunt intended for YouTube, he could be heard encouraging his girlfriend Monalisa Perez to pull the trigger, according to a video transcript released Friday, June 22, by the No...
MAHNOMEN, Minn. - The mystery substance found on cash that burned a clerk at a gas station Monday, April 30, was a "carbohydrate" that may have triggered an allergic reaction, according to the sheriff's office.
BRECKENRIDGE, Minn. - The father of Winter Sky Barker, the 3-year-old Breckenridge boy who died April 10 of blunt-force injuries, has been accused of murder and child abuse, according to documents filed in Wilkin County District Court.
FARGO -- "Devastating" is how Lisa Hills, executive director of the Minnesota Newspaper Association, described the potential impact of tariffs the Trump administration has imposed on Canadian newsprint.
WEST FARGO -- When he's teaching a beginner how to shoot a pistol, Darrell Kersting doesn't look at the target to see where the bullets are going but at the shooter's hands and eyes.
ADA, Minn. -- Paulita Ruiz skipped her prepared statement Wednesday, March 14, and told the woman who shot and killed her nephew in a YouTube stunt gone wrong that she should've known better.
FARGO -- The last several weeks have seen a flurry of announcements from legislative candidates in North Dakota but few if any in Minnesota, even though caucuses and conventions are coming up in both states.