It will be a warm weekend

It will be a good weekend to visit a pool or lake to cool off. Temperatures are expected to hit the 90s and feel like closer to 100.

WILLMAR -- It is going to be a steamy weekend, with temperatures reaching into the mid-90s with heat indices close to 100 degrees on Saturday. The National Weather Service has called for a heat advisory for most of the central and southwestern portions of the state, including Kandiyohi and surrounding counties. It will go into effect at 10 a.m. Saturday and last until 10 p.m Saturday night.

The weather service is forecasting hot and humid weather for Saturday and Sunday throughout the region. Saturday's forcasted high is 92 and Sunday is expected to top out around 91. Temperatures are only expected to drop into the high 60s and low 70s overnight this weekend, making for uncomfortable sleeping conditions as well.

Dewpoint levels will add to the misery, raising humidity levels and making it feel warmer than the actual air temperature.

There is also a chance for thunderstorms starting Sunday afternoon and into Monday. While severe weather, including heavy downpours and hail, is possible, it will also usher in cooler weather. Temperatures are expected to moderate next week, back into the 80s. There is the chance of thunderstorms through most of next week.

Those who are active outdoors could be at risk for heat-related illness due to the weather. During the heat wave seniors, young children and those with health conditions are especially susceptible to heat-related illnesses, including heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The Minnesota Department of Health advises people to stay in air conditioned structures when possible. This includes malls, libraries and other public spaces if there is no air conditioning at home. If you have to be outside during the heat wave, try to limit it to the morning or evening hours when it is cooler and wear light, loose clothing.


It is also very important to stay hydrated. Water is the best bet and alcohol and heavy meals should be avoided, the health department said.

Children and pets should never be left in a parked car, even for a short time. The inside temperature of a vehicle can reach a 100 degrees in 10 minutes on an 80-degree day, the health department said.

This weekend will be warm for the animals as well. All animals -- from chickens to goats to horses to dogs -- should have plenty of water, shade and airflow to help them stay cool.

Livestock can also suffer due to rising temperatures. The University of Minnesota Extension has information and tips available on how best to care for animals including cattle, horses, pigs and poultry during hot weather. All animals should have enough water, shelter from the sun and good airflow to protect them from the heat.


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